Climate Change, Food Systems, And Obesity: Call For A Policy Strengthening In The UAE


Others are affected by obesity, a major NCD (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.). Lack of healthy food and meal system problems cause obesity. Globalization and urbanization affect food production, distribution, marketing, and consumption. The shift to ultra-processed food has caused fat and overweight. Ultraprocessed, energy-dense, sugar- and salt-rich food is overconsumed and promoted worldwide, contributing to obesity. This review investigated UAE and global food policy to see how they can meet SDG 3, good health and well-being for all ages. Secondary data and literature were examined. This policy review analyzes adult obesity therapy evidence, examines pros and cons, and advises future research. Despite preventative efforts, obesity persists. We must progress to attain the SDGs and end NCDs like obesity and related morbidities. To battle obesity in the modern, complicated, and interconnected world, government policies should transform the economy, agriculture, labor, trade, and social sphere.